Bath and Shower Screens
If you're looking to create a partitioned shower space with no need for a door, this is the perfect product. Offers a beautiful glass barrier, allowing lots of light into your shower.
Glass Shower Enclosures

Whether you're looking for a shower door, shower screen or full glass shower enclosure, Shower-Deluxe has the knowledge and expertise to build the perfect solution for you. You'll find the most common shower designs below. If you don't see what you're looking for on the website, give us a call to help you design your dream shower -- if it's possible, odds are that we've done one like it in the past!
Shower Doors
Beautiful glass shower doors are the most elegant solution for any small bathroom or steamer. Can be personalized with sandblasted designs, or fancy glass.
Inline Shower
One of the most typical shower designs, often upgrading the space left by a removed bath tub. Glass panels and doors follow a straight line. The design possibilities are huge (header systems, number of panels, door placement etc..!), making it easy to find the perfect solution for your bathroom.
Neo-Angle Shower
Another very common shower design, perfect for corner units. Two panels run perpendicular from your corner walls, and meet at a 45 degree (or other angle) door. Many design options available!
Return Shower (Rectangle or "L-shape")
This is a corner shower with a right angle corner (instead of neo-angle), and also very common. Return panel can be on a knee wall to accommodate benches or other design elements!
If you want to keep your existing bathtub, but are tired of the cheap look and bothersome functionality of a shower curtain, we can design the perfect solution for you. From tub screens, to full tub enclosures, and everything in between we have you covered!
Unique Design
Have something in mind that you haven't seen on the website? No job is too complicated for us. If it is possible we can build it, so send us your designs and ideas and we can give you our professional feedback.